Pure Organics

The first-ever chocolate vitamin. With organic ingredients optimized to enhance your health, Pure Organics products are based on the belief that whole foods can heal your body. Gluten-free, plant-based, and dairy-free, our chocolate products come packed with magnesium, healthy fats, and fortified vitamins that makes it simple (dare we say… enjoyable?) to get the nutrients you need. 




Dallas, TX

Women's Health Bar

70% Dark Chocolate

The ultimate sweet spot: this dark chocolate bar is made with coconut oil and packed with magnesium to provide all of the mood-boosting benefits to support balanced hormones and PMS.

Antioxidant Bar

White Chocolate Matcha

We combine antioxidant-rich ingredients with decadent, quality chocolate so you can feel healthier without even trying.

Immunity Bar

70% Dark Chocolate Mint

This do-it-all dark chocolate bar is made with mint and packed with Vitamin D, and iron to deliver healthy immune support.

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