The New Savant

The New Savant

THE NEW SAVANT is a modern scent studio that creates olfactory experiences with imagination, personality and a belief that luxury doesn't have to be stuffy and serious. Artist-owned and creative-driven, TNS makes everything by hand and in small batches. Located in Brooklyn, NY, founded by Ingrid Nilsen & Erica Anderson.




Brooklyn, NY

A modern scent studio.

"Laynie is a design and marketing savant"

Laynie is a design and marketing savant. Between her creative instincts, project management skills and stellar communication, she is a true all-star in the business –– shaping the stories of a whole new generation of businesses.  I've worked with agencies from Los Angeles and New York, and Mint Lane Studio is far and above the best among them.

- Erica & Ingrid / The New Savant Founders

Androgyne Androgyne Androgyne Androgyne

Heatwave Heatwave Heatwave Heatwave

The Dropout The Dropout The Dropout

Duvet Day Duvet Day Duvet Day Duvet Day

Mixed Feelings Mixed Feelings Mixed Feelings

The Usual The Usual The Usual The Usual

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